Thursday, December 4, 2014

Just pick up and start where you left off

Well Mum forgot about doing this blog for a week or so what we going to Super Trainer Live at Absolute Dogs and everything but I'll just start again today.

What went well yesterday.

  1. Training at Amy's - good jumping weaves and seesaw.
  2. Training from Pups to Perfection at the gate by Amy's so we generalised a bit from this morning's session.  Ponto was a bit cheeky and kept just wanting the purple toy but I knew about toy switching okay.
  3. Mum finished planning the trick show for 4 December.
Plan for today.
  1. Ponto and I are going to do the Trick Show for the old people at the home today.
  2. I get to do my washing line trick again - we hadn't practised so I had a quick go this morning and was just brilliant at it.  How on earth did Mum think I might have forgotten even if it is more than six months since I did this.
  3. And this afternoon we're going to have a good long walk no matter what the weather is like.

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