Thursday, December 4, 2014

Just pick up and start where you left off

Well Mum forgot about doing this blog for a week or so what we going to Super Trainer Live at Absolute Dogs and everything but I'll just start again today.

What went well yesterday.

  1. Training at Amy's - good jumping weaves and seesaw.
  2. Training from Pups to Perfection at the gate by Amy's so we generalised a bit from this morning's session.  Ponto was a bit cheeky and kept just wanting the purple toy but I knew about toy switching okay.
  3. Mum finished planning the trick show for 4 December.
Plan for today.
  1. Ponto and I are going to do the Trick Show for the old people at the home today.
  2. I get to do my washing line trick again - we hadn't practised so I had a quick go this morning and was just brilliant at it.  How on earth did Mum think I might have forgotten even if it is more than six months since I did this.
  3. And this afternoon we're going to have a good long walk no matter what the weather is like.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

What went well today?

  1. Mum put up four jumps in the garden so we could practise the handling we did at Amy's and I got it first time!
  2. We went to the beach for a walk with Barbara and Charlie.  I tumbled over on the pebbles and have a small cut underneath my left eye - but the whole walk was fabulous - had loads of fun.
  3. Mum ordered the DVDs from Richard Curtis's site.  She is getting really keen on doing more HTM with me and I just love it.
To do tomorrow:
  1. Practise our suitcase trick and start writing the plan for the Christmas tricks show at the Home on Dec 4th.
  2. Have a lovely 1-2-1 walk with Mum.  Dylan was very stiff on his front legs after our walk at the beach today so he will be going out with Ponto on lead tomorrow.
  3. Practise our start line stays and the handling from Amy - also do it from the other side - Mum will need to move the jumps round.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

What went well today?

  1. The sun was shining.
  2. Mum seems to have figured out her mechanics for the blueprint backside with fc. So we are getting better at that.
  3. I was great at getting in my suitcase then doing the ringstack, four feet in the bowl, jump on Mum's back.
Also we had a really good long walk at Hengistbury Head, just me and Mum today, she took the others out before we went out.

Plan for tomorrow:
  1. Go to agility training, but while there rehearse our trick for Saturday.
  2. Mum needs to do both her housework and Grandma's as Grandma's home help is on holiday.
  3. Have fun.

Friday, November 14, 2014

What went well today?

  1. We had a great time at Chris and Barbara's and I did my suitcase, ringstack and four feet in the foodbowl tricks.
  2. First thing Mum stayed on the patio and sent me to the weaves (a little way away) and I pushed through to the end at speed all inependently.  Mum was very pleased but as it was pouring with rain we didn't do anything else in the garden early.
  3. Later on when it was sunny before our beach walk we played blueprint games.  Mum needs to watch the video again when she says come and I wrap around the backside then check and join her.  Good thing about this is that we tried.
Plan for tomorrow:
  1. Work out tricks routine for the fun show and practise it.
  2. Mum to watch that video and we will try that blueprint exercise again.
  3. Ponto to continue with NBN exercises and PNU work.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

What went well today?

  1. I went to the rest home with Mum and did my suitcase trick, four paws in a small food bowl and the ringstack amongst many other tricks as well as saying hello to all the folk there and putting big smiles on their faces.
  2. Mum gets irritated if I yap a lot but tonight I went into the kitchen and I barked loudly three or four times.  Mum got up from the living room to see what the matter was as she thought that maybe I needed to go out to potty.  However, when she put the light on in the kitchen she saw me standing near Percy who had the paw on the empty water bowl.  I knew Mum hadn't heard Percy banging on the bowl so I needed to tell her to refill the water.  As soon as she understood and picked the bowl up to fill it with water, I ran back into the living room and settled on my bed.
  3. Barbara from across the road telelphoned to say Chris wanted to see the dogs tomorrow, so that gives us another chance to play the suitcase game in another location before the fun show where we are going to use this in the best trick competition.
Plan for tomorrow:
  1. Like this morning we will do some more blueprint work.  Mum evaluated my understanding of Jump today and was pleased how I ran ahead and extended myself over the jump and forward to the PNU (well upturned dustbin).
  2. Go to Barbara and Chris's with Ponto and play the suitcase game.
  3. Mum needs to do the housework.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

What went well today?

  1. I am getting excellent at getting in my suitcase both at home and away.  Did this trick at Amy's followed by my ringstack and then putting all four of my feet in a small food bowl.
  2. Also my check turns to 2 pnus were good at Amy's.
  3. Ponto had a lot of fun, especially when I was naughty and didn't come when Mum called so she left me alone in the field and trained Ponto in the barn - until I did come back of course.
Plan for tomorrow:
  1. I'm going with Mum to the rest home to visit the elderly people there and cheer them up. This is quite hard work as, as well as getting cuddles, I do all sorts of tricks too.
  2. Mum is going to do the weekly house blitz cleaning . . .
  3. We are going to try the threadle to backside blueprint game.

Monday, November 10, 2014

What went well today.

  1. Mum and I have now really got a handle on the first three exercised in the Blueprint so we move on a bit tomorrow.  Hopefully it will be nice and dry in the garden at breakfast time.
  2. I am doing just great at getting in the suitcase again after a small blip last week.
  3. Had a great walk in the woods today.
Plan for tomorrow.
  1. Mum is going to review my training records and make her plan for the next month.
  2. Mum is also going to do this for Ponto.
  3. Mum will remember to cut up the liver cake.